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  • CR500 (1985-2002) – Electric starter GEN02

    $1,745.00 USD$1,995.00 USD

    This is the 2nd generation of electric starter kit for the CR500. Upgraded in every points from our knowledge of making the generation one since 2016. With a more compact assembly and a smaller electric motor, this setup is requiring 24V for cranking achieved by using two 12V battery connected in series.  The new stator…

  • CR250 (1987-2001) - Electric starter - Pre Order

    CR250 (1986-2001) – Electric starter

    $1,375.00 USD$1,495.00 USD

    This kit fits the CR250 from 1986 to 2001. This kit is a non charging stator type, so you will have to recharge your battery every 100-125 starts. There are some lighting stator on the market that could be used to transform this in a charging configuration. You will be getting: Aluminum billet cover Main…

  • CR250 (2002-2007) – Electric starter

    $1,375.00 USD$1,495.00 USD

    This is a bolt-on electric starter kit for the Honda CR250 dirtbike. This upgrade comes with everything you need to convert your motorcycle to electric start. It comes with a battery box ready to receive an Antigravity 401 or SC-1 battery and includes the complete wiring. The housing is made of billet aluminum and the…

  • TRX250R-ATC250R (1985-1989) – Electric starter

    $1,499.00 USD$1,749.00 USD

    This kit includes the following: Aluminum billet cover Main ring gear with flywheel adaptor Crown gear Intermediate gear General bearings Bolting shaft Gaskets and hardware Electric motor Battery box Harness Relay Push button Battery (Optional) The TRX250r electric starter kit is sold as a total loss system. Meaning it does not recharge the battery to…

  • CR500 110W charging stator and flywheel

    $449.00 USD

    This kit includes: -A machined Panthera 12 magnets flyhweel -A new 110w charging stator -A CR500 style stator back plate -A current rectifier/regulator

  • CRF150R / CRF150RB Electric starter (2007-2024) – pre-order

    $835.00 USD$955.00 USD

    This kit fits the CRF150R and CRF150RB from 2007 to 2024. Original kickstarter remains functional. You will be getting:-Complete starter unit including all gears, bearings and electric motor-Full wiring harness-Battery box-Optional battery The complete kit with lithium battery will add 4.5 lb. Tools required Main steps installation PRESS THE BUTTON AND GO HAVE FUN !!…