TRX250R-ATC250R (1985-1989) – Electric starter

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This kit includes the following:

Aluminum billet cover
Main ring gear with flywheel adaptor
Crown gear
Intermediate gear
General bearings
Bolting shaft
Gaskets and hardware
Electric motor
Battery box
Push button
Battery (Optional)

The TRX250r electric starter kit is sold as a total loss system. Meaning it does not recharge the battery to start with. The OEM stator from the 250R does have the capability of charging 12V, make sure to install a modern rectifier/regulator in order to recharge the lithium batteries.

*ATC250R must use TRX250R flywheels

What battery should I get ?

OEM Ignition

In all configuration, the OEM ignition starts making spark at too high RPM to be possible to fire up the engine on a normal battery. 24V is then required for cranking which is achieved by using two 12V batteries connected in series.  The batteries need to be individually charged using a 12V lithium battery charger in between rides.

CR250 Ignition

The CR250 ignition fires at much lower RPM. A 12V battery (AG-801) will be good to start the engine up to a 350cc big bore. Over 350cc we recommend the 24V battery.

Tools required

  • 3/8 drive socket wrench
  • Socket wrench extension
  • 8mm socket
  • 17mm socket
  • 5mm Allen drive bit (long tip)
  • 4mm Allen drive bit
  • 60-150 in-lb torque wrench
  • ½ drive 150 ft-lb torque wrench
  • RTV silicone
  • ATF oil

Main steps installation

  1. Battery box and wiring harness installation.
  2. Main gear installation
  3. Starter housing installation
  4. Starter and battery connection



It is recommended to flush the oil after the first ride to eliminate particles generated by the gears first meshing and break in. Taking cover off to remove all particles is recommended versus only using the drain plug.

On a normal basis, change the oil at the same time as transmission oil.

Warranty Items

All merchandise manufactured by Panthera Motorsports has a warranty against manufacturing defects for a period of one (1) year from the date of original shipping. (See details)

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 11 × 11 in

OEM TRX250R, 2001 CR250


Not included, 12V 8 cells, Two 12V AG SC-1 (24V cranking)


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