Yamaha Banshee 25 disc clutch assembly

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Combining the Panthera Motors high capacity clutch kit and the Rekluse fibers technologie, this new Yamaha Banshee clutch assembly stacks up 25 discs ( 13 friction discs ) that DOUBLES the torque capability versus the original clutch.

This assembly eliminates the need for annoying lock ups for almost all Banshee motor configurations. We estimate this assembly to properly handle around 80 ft-lb of torque when used with HD springs.

Yamaha Banshee Clutch Performance Comparison Chart

This kit incluses :

  • Clutch outer basket – Hard anodized
  • Clutch inner basket – Hard anodized
  • Clutch pressure plate – Hard anodized
  • Basket steel back plate and bolts
  • Rubber cushions (8)
  • Basket protector (12)
  • Rekluse fibers (13)
  • Steel plates (12)
  • Clutch nut retaining tab
  • Installation tools

Selecting the Best Yamaha Banshee Clutch Kit

The 25 disc clutch kits are the ideal solutions for any Yamaha banshee. This kit enables you to double your torque capability compared to using the original clutch. Furthermore, it has 13 friction discs to help you enjoy riding your Yamaha banshee worry free in the trails, the dunes or racing your machine. With this 25 disc assembly, you get to eliminate any lockups on powerful Yamaha banshees as well as supplying an extremely long clutch life to a standard engine. That’s due to the extra discs that share the torque and alloy to easily handle over 90 ft-lb torque.

Having the hard anodized clutch basket enables you to enjoy the modularity as well as the added durability. Furthermore, these baskets help protect the transmission even when you are riding in extreme trail conditions. These anodized baskets and pressure plates also offer tightly controlled tolerances to provide you with smooth operation of your Yamaha banshee. Besides, you get to enjoy reduced clutch noise, vibrations and less drag compared to a lock up clutch.

Installing a Clutch on Your Yamaha Banshee

Conducting the installation by yourself helps ensure that you won’t spend lots of money on labour. Therefore, to conduct the upgrade, you will need:

  • Clutch kits
  • Oil
  • Service manual
  • Ratchet and socket set
  • Clutch cover gasket

Conducting the installation of your banshee clutch will require you to:

  • Jack your Yamaha banshee to help drain the oil. Taking out the filler cap enables the oil to flow out faster.
  • To get to the old clutch, you must remove the crankcase cover. Check the clutch cover gasket and change it if worn out.
  • Remove your clutch housing cover using your tools.
  • Unloosen and remove all pressure plate bolts.
  • Remove the steel plates or clutch fibers. 
  • Remove the main basket nut to remove the original baskets.
  • Replace any worn parts and reverse these steps for the reinstall.

Benefits of Replacing a Worn-out Banshee Clutch

Replacing a banshee clutch enables you to enjoy better power management on your Yamaha banshee. Besides getting an upgraded kit will provide you with more traction and power. Replacing the clutch ensures that it’s at the optimal operating condition. Meaning that there will be lots of feel and no slip or loss of power. Furthermore, placing some load on the system helps you feel the engagement of the transmission and enjoy the power transfer.

If you use your Yamaha banshee off road, you will discover that a new clutch kit will be crucial to handle any heat. That’s because it will be able to properly cool and circulate oil. Doing this also increases the lifespan of the new clutch. It’s a unique way of ensuring that you can enjoy the reliability of the new clutch and have some peace of mind when riding on all types of trails. Picking a good banshee clutch will guarantee that your Yamaha will be in tip top shape.

If you have any questions regarding our Yamaha banshee clutch – contact our team and it will be our pleasure to help you.