PM07-18 Engine Details


Volume/Bore/Stroke: 548cc / 94mm / 79 mm

Power : 92-102 HP *

Torque: 65-72 lb-ft *

Weight: 72lb / 32.7 kg

Transmission: 6 speeds

Exhaust control: Piston power valve

Intake system: Carbon fiber reed valve

*Variance in pipe selection.

Latest engine of the Panthera family, the PM07-18 has been designed as an exact bolt on product for the TRX450R platform (all years). It uses the same mounting points and requires no modifications of the chassis.

The electrical connections are identical and the engine uses the original wiring harness. A new CDI controller is supplied and connects directly into the original harness. For other applications, full wiring harness can be supplied upon request.

The PM07 is the result of years of experience in all world of racing combined.

From motocross, to karting, to full size formula cars, our engineers have come up with various design of optimal specifications to create a solid and reliable engine, while giving life to the most powerful production singlecylinder in history.

Everything inside the PM07 is engineered to withstand higher power than its initial production configuration produces.

complete engine motors

Engine testing

Hundreds of hours of extreme engine testing have been accomplish to ensure the quality and performance of the PM07. The power plant has exceeded the expectations on all fields.