/ CR500 Electric Starter

CR500 Electric Starter

Panthera electric starter has been designed to fit cr500 oem cases as a bolt on unit. No modification to the original engine is needed.

The unit includes a new stator and flywheel designed by Panthera to produce 100W of 12DC power, to recharge the battery and run accessories. The flywheel receives a removable one way gear made to crank the engine from the flywheel side.

The billet Panthera starter cover comes with an assembly of gears, all mounted on sealed bearing, no fast worn out bushing like other manufacturers.

The unit comes with its own extra strong electric motor which is capable of starting a standard CR500 without the need of a decompressor.

The system comes with its own complete wiring and battery box made to bolt to the CR500 subframe, inside the airbox.

Additional weight for the whole unit is 6 pounds.

*The starter will not fit the old PJ carb with the big fuel inlet. Carb modification is needed.